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Outbound Calls

Appointment Setting

Fill your calendar with quality sales meetings and webinars. Check out what Elite Call appointment setting and B2B lead generation has done for a leading database software companies.

Customer Win-Back

Our customer win-back programs motivate inactive customers to take a fresh look at your products, services and brand. Inspire inactive customers back on board.

List/Database Scrubbing

Update your customer contact information, and identify new buyers.

Customer and Market Research

Elite Call also does market research and customer surveys that help our clients understand buying trends and uncover potential new buyers. Uncover new customers and their buying plans.

Lead Generation

Elite Call lead generation outsourcing solves appointment setting problems with a single-minded approach: we’ll rapidly cold call potential prospects to identify new customers, and fill your sales pipeline with closeable quality new leads.


Our expert sales team is comprised of experienced and advanced employees.  Find out how we increase your bottom line with sales.

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