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What is it?
LOCATE is a unique pay-per-application staffing program designed to provide you as a cost effective way to grow your management team.

What’s the Difference?
Recruiters charge a minimum fee per hire OR an enormous fee to post you information with no promises of any result. This fee results in several thousand dollars per on-boarded employee. With the LOCATE by ELITE CALL program, you simply pay one flat rate per application.

Start Up Fee: $0
Executive Minimum Order: 5
Administrative Minimum Order: 10

elite-call-center-table-2Hire one, Hire them All!

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What our Clients are Saying...

Jack is of high energy to detailed data!
September 21, 2018

Jack is of high energy to detailed data! He knows his product inside and out. He is someone that you can depend on for the results you need. Tell him exactly what you are looking for and he makes it happen! The value of the product was well worth it's results for his thoroughness and quality of lead provided was perfect and if something slipped through they made sure to make it good! This is a company and a man you can count on!